While you're not exactly overwhelmed with options in Bath and Bristol, the good news is that the top-rated clinics you DO have are considered outstanding: not only do they fulfil my strict criteria for being on this page, but they're also reviewed very highly by patients on various IVF message boards and review sites.

Criteria for inclusion on this page:

  • They’ve achieved a “5/5” inspection rating from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA).
  • They’ve received a patient rating of at least “4/5” on the HFEA website.
  • They have an average Google rating of at least 4 stars (out of 5).
  • They have an IVF birth rate that’s at least “consistent with the national average”.

Before we get started… a quick word about “success rates”

“Success rates” means different things to different clinics. Often, it means, “We’ll publish any statistics that make us look better than our competitors – even if those statistics are misleading or meaningless – and we’ll ignore all the other numbers.”

Don’t fall for it! The most important things to remember are:

  • Most UK IVF clinics have very similar success rates to each other. Almost all are “consistent with the national average” (meaning they’re just a few percentage points in either direction of the average). Just two are significantly “below” and two are significantly “above” the national average.
  • The most reliable “success rate” measure is “birth rates per embryo transferred” (not “per embryo transfer” or “per embryo transfer event” – which seem very similar but are different).

    This is the preferred measure of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) for assessing IVF success, and I agree that it’s the most useful measure in most instances. The HFEA publishes “birth rates per embryo transferred” data for all clinics in the country, but clinics can decide to publish other data on their own websites (which, as mentioned above, many of them do).

    For more information about why this is the most useful measure, read my article about IVF success rates and what they mean.

Right… on with the list!

Bristol Centre for Reproductive Medicine

Southmead Hospital
BS10 5NB
0117 414 6888


Inspection rating: 5/5
HFEA patient rating: 4.5/5
Google rating: 4.9/5
IVF birth rate: consistent with the national average

Be aware! The BCRM website’s “success rates” page is frustratingly vague and confusing. (The clinic actually does slightly worse than the national average on the key “births per embryo transferred” metric, but you’d never know that if you were to look at the website.) Use the HFEA’s information on the clinic’s success rates instead: https://www.hfea.gov.uk/choose-a-clinic/clinic-search/results/295/.

Bath Fertility Centre

Roman Way
Bath Business Park
Peasedown St John
Bath BA2 8SG

0176 143 4464

Inspection rating: 5/5
HFEA patient rating: 5/5
Google rating: 4.4/5
IVF birth rate: consistent with the national average

Bonus points! The Bath Fertility website provides easy-to-understand, easy-to-compare success rates – including “births per embryo transferred”. (Read the top of the page for why this is a good thing.)

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