Bourn Hall, Cambridge features in my list of the top-rated fertility clinics in the UK. It has excellent reviews from patients – especially in various Facebook groups – and seems to be much more popular and successful than other clinics in the area.

Have you been a patient of Bourn Hall, Cambridge? What was your experience like? Leave a review here and I'll publish it on this page – good or bad.

Here's what I like about Bourn Hall, Cambridge:

  • Many payment/package options. In addition to the regular (and competitively priced) “pay as you go” fees, Bourn Hall also offers a range of packages/payment options.
    • The first option is a “money-back guarantee” option, which offers anywhere between 50% and 100% refund if you don't have a baby at the end of your treatment package.
    • The second option is a “multi-cycle package”, which enables you to put in place a fixed budget for up to two cycles of IVF and all associated frozen embryo transfers.
    • The third option is available to patients who can share their sperm or eggs: those patients will receive a free cycle of treatment in return.
  • Transparent pricing structure. Everything you need to know about costs is available on the website – and there's even an incredibly easy-to-use “fee calculator”, so you can tot up exactly how much you'll be paying (if you opt for “pay as you go” rather than a fixed-price package).
  • Easy to contact the clinic. I promise you: this is huuuugely important. If you need to change your appointment time, or you're worried about a missed dose, or you're experiencing particularly worrisome side effects, or any other number of things, you'll want to be able to get in touch with someone at the clinic. I know (from both personal experience as well as the experiences of others) that some clinics are an absolute nightmare to get in contact with. At some clinics you need to call up, leave a voicemail, then wait for them to call you back… which often never happens. Having a clinic where someone picks up the phone and answers your questions immediately is invaluable.

Bourn Hall says…

Bourn Hall is a supportive place for those on a journey to complete their family. Our aim is to make you feel at home in a caring environment – the ideal place to be when you are trying to start a family of your own.”

“To help you make the right decisions, we use everyday, easy-to-understand language – whether you are talking to our counsellors, consultants or other clinical staff, or reviewing details on our website.”

“We treat everyone as an individual according to their needs. We’re flexible in our approach to patient care, staff management and development – focused always on the individual person. We continually adapt to the changing environment, scientific developments and our patients’ expectations.”

Key facts

  • Inspection rating: 5/5
  • HFEA patient rating: 4/5
  • Google rating: 4.7/5
  • IVF birth rate: consistent with the national average

Contact details

High Street
CB23 2TN

01954 719 111

Patient reviews of Bourn Hall, Cambridge

Have you been a patient of Bourn Hall, Cambridge? What was your experience like? Leave a review here and I'll publish it on this page – good or bad.

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