CARE Fertility, London features in my list of the top-rated fertility clinics in the UK. It has excellent reviews and ratings from patients, and it gets bonus points from me for providing honest, easy-to-understand information about its success rates. (Most other clinics don't.)

Have you been a patient of CARE Fertility, London? What was your experience like? Leave a review here and I'll publish it on this page – good or bad.

Here's what I like about CARE Fertility, London:

  • CARE by name… Almost every review I've read remarks on the kindness and compassion of the staff. This isn't something you get in every clinic, and I can't tell you how much it matters when you're going through IVF.
  • Transparency about success rates. As I mentioned above, CARE Fertility is one of the few private fertility clinics that provides easy-to-understand, useful data on the clinic's success rates. (Most other clinics publish misleading or “vanity” metrics, in an attempt to make them look superior to their competitors. In reality, almost all clinics have very similar success rates as each other.) I take this transparency and honesty as a good sign that they'll be the same when it comes to your treatment.
  • Transparency about costs. Prices are presented clearly on the website, and – unlike other clinics – they also mention what's not included in the price.
  • Inclusivity. They'll treat anyone – which makes their “success rates” statistics even more impressive. As they say on their website: “Whilst some clinics may turn away patients with serious fertility problems because these patients may lower their success rates, the CARE team want to help everyone.”

CARE Fertility, London says…

“It’s our approach that sets us apart. Your need for family is always at the heart of our work, and we do everything we can to give as many people as possible the chance to have a family of their own. At CARE, we’ll always put you and your dream first, and that’s why we work so hard to listen to and treat every patient individually. We’ll go out of our way to learn everything we can about you and your needs, allowing us to provide the best and most carefully tailored treatments. No question will ever be too big or small – we’ll always make time to listen to you and understand how you’re feeling – and if we think we might need to try something different, we’ll tell you. It’s so important that you feel comfortable with your treatment and hopeful about the future.”

“We’re also the only fertility clinic in the UK to have invested in dedicated training facilities, which means our embryologists are able to step out of the clinical lab and into a space that’s been purpose-designed for the training and development of our teams. Our training suite is a state of the art facility for training and educating in IVF technologies. It has a large laboratory area, for technical and hands-on training as well as a zone for lectures and focus groups with audio visual equipment, including a live link up to our on site clinical laboratory.”

Key facts

  • Inspection rating: 5/5
  • HFEA patient rating: 5/5
  • Google rating: 4.5/5
  • IVF birth rate: consistent with the national average

Contact details

Park Lorne
111 Park Road
020 7616 6767 (contact page)

Patient reviews of CARE Fertility, London

Have you been a patient of CARE Fertility, London? What was your experience like? Leave a review here and I'll publish it on this page – good or bad.

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