The Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health (CRGH) features in my list of the top-rated fertility clinics in the UK. It also happens to be where I had my egg retrieval and embryo transfer, so I know about it first-hand.


Have you been a patient of CRGH? What was your experience like? Leave a review here and I'll publish it on this page – good or bad.

Here's what I liked and appreciated about CRGH:

  • Reliability. In the run-up to my egg retrieval, I was told I'd be phoned every night with instructions on how much medication to take. They always called, and I never had to go chasing. It was the same after the egg retrieval: they said they'd phone me every day to let me know how our embryos were doing, and that's exactly what they did.

    (Should “doing what they say they'll do” be considered praiseworthy? Fair point – but when you come across a clinic that actually does what it says it'll do, you'll feel so grateful you'll start pondering if “CRGH” is a suitable middle name for your future baby.)

  • Niceness. Everyone I saw was lovely – from the nurses who did my blood tests to the doctor who gave me endless cups of tea to fill my bladder and told me fun stories and anecdotes while we waited for the bladder-filling to happen. No one was condescending, and no one tried to rush me during an appointment. Again: this should be the standard everywhere, but I know it definitely isn't.
  • On-timeness. Appointments were rarely more than five minutes late – and if they were, I had a selection of pristine UP-TO-DATE magazines in the waiting room. I only ever got about halfway through a paragraph before being called in, though – and as a result, I never did find out the intricate details of Pippa Middleton's wedding.

  • Responsiveness. When I called them, a receptionist actually answered. That receptionist would then put me through to the relevant nurse, and guess what? The nurse would also answer! I'm really not taking the mick here: previous experiences elsewhere had most certainly not been like this.

CRGH says…

“The Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health (CRGH) is a world-leading fertility clinic in London with a highly experienced and friendly team who pride themselves on their warm but professional approach. Despite being a busy centre, we manage to maintain individualised fertility treatment care for patients, avoiding a “production line” feel.”

“We believe in creating individualised bespoke patient treatment plans. Our doctors will take a detailed medical history and work closely with you to develop a personalised, realistic and evidence based treatment plan. We provide a full service seven days a week and are open on bank holidays to ensure that we are available for patients at all times. Over the years, we have developed high expertise in the successful management of couples with previous repeated failed IVF cycles and recurrent miscarriage. We take a holistic approach, paying special attention to all factors in prior treatment history to achieve a successful outcome for the patient.”

“Men and women also vary in terms of their genetics. When appropriate, we employ the widest available genetic screening tests and genetic counselling to minimise the chances of an unsuccessful treatment, and the risk of transmission of genetic disease to children.”

Key facts

  • Inspection rating: 5/5
  • HFEA patient rating: 4.5/5
  • Google rating: 4/5
  • IVF birth rate: consistent with the national average

Note: CRGH provides a huge amount of “success rates” data on its website, but doesn’t include the “births per embryo transferred” statistic that’s arguably the most reliable measure of success. (Read my article about success rates here.)

If you want to know the latest “live births per embryo transferred” data for CRGH, you can instead find them on the HFEA's website:

Contact details

230-232 Great Portland Street

020 7837 2905

Patient reviews of CRGH

Have you been a patient of CRGH? What was your experience like? Leave a review here and I'll publish it on this page – good or bad.

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