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Questions to ask your doctor at every stage of IVF treatment: free downloadable guide

IVF isn’t just overwhelming; it can also be a mind-boggling and sometimes terrifying experience because there’s so much to learn and so many rules to follow.

Problem is, doctors are busy – and they often don’t have the time to anticipate your concerns and provide all the information you might need.

This downloadable guide contains questions that will help you understand the process better, get the answers you deserve, and feel more in control of the situation (and your rights as a patient).

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Free sample IVF calendars (and “know your medication” document)

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The IVF process from start to finish (PLUS glossary): free download

This downloadable IVF summary provides a condensed, no-nonsense overview of everything up to and including embryo transfer. It'll quickly help you get to grips with what's going to happen, when it's going to happen, and why it's going to happen.

If you're worried about terminology, don't be! You'll also receive a huuuge glossary, which includes definitions AND explanations of almost every word and phrase you’ll encounter while doing IVF. There are about 80 words and phrases in total – everything from “AMH” to “zygote”.

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One embryo or two?

What are the risks and benefits of transferring more than one embryo? When clinics and hospitals recommend a single embryo transfer, do they have an underlying incentive?

What are the real facts?

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Download info about ALL your IVF medication: how it works, when you take it, how you take it & more

The “Know your IVF medication” download will help you make sense of your fertility treatment. Use it alongside the free sample IVF calendars (included) to make the entire process easier to grasp.

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Free email: extra support for men

The IVF process isn’t easy on anyone – including you, the supportive partner. You’re expected to be “the rock” – mentally strong, positive, helpful and reassuring – even though you’re probably feeling as frustrated, desperate, upset and worried as your partner.

There aren’t many resources around to help the partner through IVF, but I’ve cobbled together some the best articles, guides and communities I could find.

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Get yourself prepared, knowledgeable and confident about your IVF treatment with this free email course

When I was doing IVF, I'd be put on the spot at medical appointments and end up making “coin-flip” decisions I later regretted. Don't be like me! Instead, take my free email course and learn:

– The scientific evidence (explained simply) behind the decisions you’ll be asked to make

– What other women in your position chose to do

– How to speak confidently to medical professionals – and well-meaning friends and family – about your choices

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