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I've received a few emails about how my articles on The Duff tend to assume that heterosexual couples (rather than homosexual couples or single people) are doing IVF, so I thought I'd address that here. The reason is purely to do with demographics rather than discrimination: “Of all patients undergoing IVF treatment in 2018, 94.4% were in heterosexual relationships, 3.1% were in female same-sex relationships, 2.0% had no partner and 0.5% acted as surrogates – with little change compared to 2017.” You can download the full report here: https://www.hfea.gov.uk/about-us/publications/research-and-data/fertility-treatment-2018-trends-and-figures/

I currently run The Duff as a solo passion project outside of my regular work, so I had to decide to write for the majority of readers and hope that other readers would understand.

The last thing I'd want to do is alienate homosexual couples or solo women, and at some point I'll try my best to rewrite certain sections (and create brand new sections/articles) to be more inclusive.