Everything you wanted to know about IVF (but were afraid to ask)

The Duff is my attempt to make sense of everything IVF-related – from terminology and tests to side effects and schedules. If you simply want an overview of what the whole bloomin' process looks like from start to finish, I have that too!

Below are some of the most popular articles, but you can find the entire collection in the “Articles” section of this site. Everything is written for people in the UK (although much of it will still be relevant if you live elsewhere).

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There are a LOT of decisions to make when you start IVF – from the logistical and practical to the emotional and personal.

Decisions like: 

  • Fresh or frozen?
  • One embryo or two?  

  • Who do you tell?

  • What should you eat (and not eat)?

  • When (if ever) do you give up?

My email course will make you aware of all the decisions you’ll be expected to make – and what you need to consider for each one.

By the end, you’ll be prepared, positive and self-assured about your IVF treatment. You’ll be able to make informed choices when your doctors ask for them, and you’ll have the confidence (and scientific evidence) to push back on anything you don’t agree with. What’s more, you’ll be able to deal with people who don’t have your best interests at heart – no matter how well-meaning they appear.

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