Have you ever visited an IVF forum or Facebook group looking for information or reassurance, only to come away feeling even more confused and emotional?

And the next day, you find yourself doing the exact same thing? And again and again, for weeks on end?

I found myself in that crazy cycle a couple of years ago, while going through IVF. I was desperate to get to grips with the whys, whats, hows, whens and wheres of the IVF process – partly because I’m a control freak, but mainly so I could understand what was going on and confidently challenge doctors if I felt unsure about any treatment they were proposing. But there just weren’t any definitive sources that could explain everything to me in plain English – especially for people who live in the UK.

So in my spare time, I decided to do the research myself. I scoured medical journals, cobbled together incomplete information from various websites, spoke to doctors and specialists (to make sure I had my facts straight) and published my findings here, on The Duff.

It’s slowly turning into what I’d always wanted for myself: a definitive source of scientific facts and information about IVF (and the issues surrounding it), which can explain everything in plain English.

On this website, you’ll find…

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By the way, if you’re wondering about my own IVF treatment… it worked! There were bruises, heartache, a couple of potentially serious hospital admissions, and a whole lot of waiting and panicking. But – with additional help from the hefty dose of luck that’s involved in 
any BFP – we got there. And I really hope you do too.

Good luck and happy reading!


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