I've put together a selection of sample calendars for the following types of treatment protocol:

  • LONG protocol FRESH embryo transfer
  • LONG protocol FROZEN embryo transfer
  • SHORT protocol FRESH embryo transfer
  • SHORT protocol FROZEN embryo transfer

Here's an example of what they look like (remember that this is just one page of many!):

The calendars will give you an idea of what your own treatment will be like, and it might be helpful to look at them alongside my article, The IVF process step by step. Bear in mind that these calendars are just “samples”, and the drugs you take (and when you take them) will be customised according to your hormone levels and how well you’re responding to treatment along the way.

Oh yes… the drugs. There are lots of drugs with lots of different purposes. When you download the sample IVF calendars, you'll also get a document called Know your IVF medication, which will help you understand the process a bit better.

Here's an example from the “Know your IVF medication” document:


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